Atrium Roofs

Atrium Roofs in London

From the double definition of an atrium, we deduce two visions, two different strategies:

  1. An atrium is created "by covering with a canopy the space separating 2 buildings". It is therefore a protected space, thermal buffer with respect to the outside.
  2. An atrium is created "by opening the heart of a large building". Under this gaze, it is a well of light that is sought after.

In both cases, it is a friendly space, communication node within the building. Galleries, hotel lobbies, shopping malls or exhibition venues, the atriums make it possible to bring the enjoyment of outdoor conditions (natural light, vegetation) without their disadvantages. They protect the user at the sensory level (controlled temperature, moderate noise, zero wind effect). Due to its dimensions and peculiarities, the atrium roofs are the reference space of the architectural composition around which the other parts of the building are articulated. Thermally, a buffer space is created: a space whose temperature is in equilibrium between the outside temperature and that of the building.

Atrium Roof Designed

Indeed, the loss of the building is reduced in winter (if the atrium is not heated), but at the same time different equilibrium are modified: the ventilation of the adjacent rooms is disturbed, the summer cooling load of these rooms increases since A greenhouse effect is created in the patio ... so that a more detailed assessment must be made to deduce whether the overall annual energy balance is positive or not.

Generally, the client wishes to "exploit" this very expensive space and then requires the air conditioning of the atrium. The atrium then takes on the true status of interior space. But the glass walls generate very high energy consumption, cooling in summer and heating in winter. It is therefore essential to establish clearly, from the preliminary draft, the status of the atrium: comfort desired for the occupants? Presence of plants?

The atrium roofs are the dream of the architect because he can work there his materials of predilection: space and light! The atrium is the reference space of the architectural composition around which the other parts of the building are articulated. But it is the engineer's nightmare ... It is indeed difficult for him to predict the thermal behaviour of the place. This depends on the rate of glazed surface, the configuration of the atrium relative to the building, its orientation, the number of floors, the existence of solar protection, the volume ventilation rate, and etc. Because of weather effects, there is a minimum of maintenance to be observed and we offer a full professional cleaning service carried out by our Cleaning Partners ‘Advance Cleaning’.

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