5 Reasons to Replace Your Wood or Aluminium Windows

There comes a time when your windows need to be replaced. If you have wood or aluminium windows, there are many signs to look out for; this way, replacement is the only way to retain the dignity of your home. This article explores the 5 top reasons to replace your wood and aluminium windows.

1. When closing and opening your windows becomes an uphill task

Warping of wood windows is not uncommon. If you have had the windows for a long time, this problem should not come as a surprise. Also, aluminium is a metal and corroding is a reality that you may have to face. When this happens, operating the window becomes very hard. This can further lead to hardware failure and when you ignore the problem, your windows will no longer work as desired. The excess friction can cause the sash to slum shut. Even though this can be avoided by regular repair, there is a level where you will just have to replace your windows. When opening and shutting becomes a daunting problem; it is time to replace.

2. When windows have excess air leakage and noise

Your wood or aluminium windows will have joints that can become loose. The seals may wear right off as well. When this happens, your home will no longer be protected from drafts and even noise. These elements are bothersome to say the least. At some point, you may attempt to do some repairs. If this problem becomes chronic, it is a high time to consider replacement. Otherwise, constant repairs may prove more expensive. A total replacement will tackle the problem for a longer time. With better insulation, you can save on electric bills and enjoy some peace of mind owing to the absence of noise and sounds.

3. When your windows become a breeding ground for mould

Your old windows will promote condensation. This will result in fogginess between the window panes. This reality will attract formation of mould. This is a health hazard that is detrimental to your family. Mould is known for causing allergies and other serious ailments. In addition, it compromises the hygiene standards of your home. To avoid this risk, replacing your wood and aluminium windows is key. This will give your home a new lease on life; for healthy living.

4. When you want to optimize energy efficiency in your home

Some wood and aluminium windows will have single-pane glass. This is awesome for the great views but is bad news for your electricity bill. Modernizing your windows can have you save more to make your house energy-efficient. You really do not have to spend a small fortune paying your power bills. Therefore, window replacement will work in your favour.

5. When you need to renovate your home

All the window treatments in the world cannot give them a fresh appeal. To this end, renovating your home may warrant total window replacement. This is the only sure way to have your windows looking as good as new. A face lift of this nature will rejuvenate your house giving you a renewed sense of comfort and appeal. Replacing old windows will have a dramatic effect in a good way.


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