Aluminium Doors Offer A Real Choice

UPVC and timber door frames have a challenger on their hands. Here’s why aluminium doors offer a real choice for home owners as well as business premises.

Why consider aluminium doors?

There are various reasons that make aluminium doors the perfect solution as replacement doors and windows or for any new-build project.

Here are 3 reasons worthy of consideration:

  • The construction of uPVC means that it has the potential to deteriorate over time. On the other hand, correctly cared for aluminium is considerably more durable. This makes it far longer lasting and able to withstand any weather conditions.
  • Over time certain types of timber used for front and back door access are prone to rotting, warping, expansion or contraction. Aluminium doors provide stability in terms of design and performance and do not suffer from such issues.
  • Aluminium is a light, strong metal. This means ultra-slim profiles can be installed during construction of both windows and doors. This ability means you benefit from larger glass areas and consequently receive more light into your home.


Homeowners are increasingly looking at original ways to differentiate their homes and give them a personal, individual appearance. In terms of fenestration, colour is one of the key enablers to help meet your goals.

Due to its stability, aluminium is highly effective in this regard. It allows the use of polyester powder-coating. This gives you a wide spectrum of colour choice that will add to the ambience and attractiveness of your home and help achieve the individuality you are looking for.


The flexibility and aesthetic appeal of aluminium doors does not mean you have to forego important aspects of security.

You will have all of the benefit of double glazed units and take full advantage of essential modern security enhancements. This includes face-mounted shoot-bolts as well as multipoint locking mechanisms.

Thermal efficiency:

Professionally installed aluminium doors will meet or exceed current energy efficiency standards. The heat gain as well as heat loss benefits achieved through this type of installation are significantly higher than that from uPVC or timber door installations.

Environmentally friendly:

Aluminium is a fully sustainable alternative to timber. It is both non-toxic and 100% recyclable. From a production point of view, aluminium products use less energy than timber due to the fact that hardwood doors need to be cut, transported, treated and then manufactured.

Historic properties and conservation areas:

Those living in properties with a historic significance as well as in conservation areas will find that any replacement doors must adhere to strict regulations and generally on a ‘like-for-like’ basis.

The ultra slim profile of aluminium doors can be specifically designed to mirror the look and feel of traditional steel doors and thus retains the signature slim sightlines of original doors.

Design options & Cost:

Of the many benefits aluminium doors offer, the wide range of designs and affordability is one that will surely appeal to most.

Whether you are looking at bifold doors, French doors and windows, or a wide array of other options, the clean, contemporary look of aluminium gives excellent versatility. It also allows you to style your home as befits your individuality.

The aesthetic appeal achieved through professional installation of aluminium doors offers a real choice to all homeowners wishing to put their very own stamp on their very own property!

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