Business Benefits Of Security Grille Installation

The business benefits of security grille installation are clear to see. Here are 3 major pluses to consider as well as advice on who should fit them and why.

Added security 24/7/365:

The risk of having business premises broken into is a commonplace concern for many companies. Thieves will often target businesses with prior knowledge of goods and equipment contained in warehouses or storage areas. Many also consider office areas to be a lucrative target thanks to the expensive office equipment they hold.

When a business is burgled the disruption caused can seriously affect production and productivity. The likelihood is that a break-in will have immediate and longer-term consequences such as:

  • Damage repair costs to the building itself
  • Replacement cost of the goods stolen
  • Potential loss of confidential company or client information if computers, laptops or tablets are taken
  • Disruption in productivity in terms of general office routine or from a manufacturing and/or distribution point of view
  • Longer term concerns will centre around increasing security to decrease the chances of being burgled again and the increased cost of annual insurance premiums.

Send would-be intruders a message:

Installing security grilles on doors and windows is sending would-be thieves a clear message. It is telling them that forced entry will be extremely difficult. Just as importantly, any attempts to break-in will be time-consuming. Spending excessive amounts of time to break and enter is not something the vast majority of these individuals will entertain.

Those companies looking for the ‘belt and braces’ secure approach should also consider combining security grilles with CCTV monitoring and security alarms.

Reduced insurance premiums – with a clause!

The cost of a company’s total annual insurance cover often amounts to a sizeable sum that is a regular tick-box during budget meetings. It is also one of those business costs that tends to rise year on year rather than fall.

Exceptions to an increased policy payment include going a full year without having to claim and various business initiatives that insurance companies welcome with the offer of a reduction in annual premiums.

Improved security measures are among these initiatives as long as they are professionally installed.

It is possible to purchase security grilles ‘off the shelf’ and self-install but in general this will not meet with the requirements for a reduction in policy charges. For this reason, as well as quality workmanship it is recommended that qualified fitters are tasked with the job. All professional companies that provide grilles will also have their own team of experts to install them.

There are various levels of insurance approved security grilles. The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) rating is the respected standard. These start with a Level 1 rating and rise to a police approved security grille.

Peace of mind:

Increased security measures benefit all employees but this last benefit we will touch on should have personal appeal to company owners.

An actual cost cannot be placed on this benefit, but to feel far more secure and relaxed in the knowledge that any staff working late or over weekends and holidays will be in a safer environment has to be a huge positive. It will also feel personally rewarding that the investment and hard work put in to establish the business, the premises and all associated equipment is now far more secure.

Types of grilles to consider:

When considering the most appropriate grilles for windows and doors it is worthwhile gaining and understanding of what is available.

On-line research offers informative and extensive information on such things as:

  • Fixed and retractable grilles
  • Internal and external fittings
  • Different opening options for doors and windows
  • Single stack or double stack options
  • Safety advice – An important factor here is never to fit permanent security grilles to windows which are part of your emergency escape route.

Site surveys recommended:

Don’t hesitate to ask the company or companies of your choice to visit for a site survey before a final decision is made. This will allow you to check credentials, listen to suggestions, ask questions, understand timescales involved and have the positive business benefits of security grille installation underlined by experienced professionals.

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