Can Double Glazing Be Repaired

Can double glazing be repaired? The good news is that it most certainly can and by requesting a professional glazing company to inspect, assess and explain the extent of the problem you will quickly understand the solutions available.

So, repair or replace? Here are some of the main factors to take into account before a final decision is made.

Repair or replace?

After an independent assessment of problem windows has been carried out you can then determine the most appropriate solution. From an environmental and cost point of view having windows repaired is the preferred option but do bear in mind that replacement may be the most sensible long-term decision once certain factors have been taken into account. These include:

  • Age and condition of the windows currently in place
  • The extent of the problem – Is this ‘localised’ to one or two window sections or is the problem prevalent throughout the property
  • The actual problem. Common issues are outlined below
  • Is the damage only affecting handles, locks and/or hinges?
  • Does the damage relate to sash balancing or conservatory runners/wheels?

Common problems and remedies:

Problems relating to the last two points above can certainly be repaired. This is assuming the general condition of windows and frames are in good order.

Other common double-glazing problems and remedies are:


Condensation issues can arise due to:

  • Ventilation
  • What you are using the room for
  • Interior and exterior temperature
  • The number of people living in the house

Condensation inside the windows:

If condensation is forming on the inside of your windows the first step to take is to improve ventilation in the room(s) affected. In many cases a dehumidifier can help. If this solves the problem then no immediate repair or replacement is required but do take the performance of your current windows into account. If they are not functioning efficiently then consider installing newer, more energy-efficient windows.

Condensation outside of your windows:

This should not be viewed as a long-term problem. It means your windows are performing the task they were installed for: Keeping heat in your home.

This condensation should disappear as the outside temperature rises. The best thing you can do is keep an eye on the thermometer!

Condensation forms between the two panes:

The cause here is that the seal surrounding the 2 panes of glass has sprung a leak meaning that the gas cavity between these panes is no longer completely sealed. This is the most serious condensation problem you will encounter and also the costliest. Replacement will be required. Do check the guarantee as a quality installation should cover this problem for a stated amount of time.

Water leaks:

Leaks via the window frame are often caused due to weather seal failure. If these seals look intact there may be a blockage in the drainage section. Give the drainage section a quick clean to see if this resolves the problem. If it does look like a weather seal problem your window company can advise if replacement seals are available for your particular type and make of window.

Leakage can also be caused when the sealant between the frame and wall gives. Gaps will be created allowing water and draught issues. Don’t delay in having repair work carried out as the potential for water damage will increase over time.

Damage to the glass pane:

This type of damage can show in terms of scratches, chips or actual cracks in the window pane. Scratches that are not too deep can often be buffed out. If the problem is with chipped or cracked glass it is advisable to have the pane(s) in question replaced. This will ensure the whole unit is working at optimal performance.

Peace of mind:

Our opening question: Can double glazing be repaired? is answered with a very positive ‘Yes’.

It can be easy to ignore what appear to be minor problems with your double glazing, but by doing so your windows will not give optimal performance in terms of heat retention, noise reduction and overall property appearance.

For peace of mind and optimal double-glazing performance get an expert assessment, and don’t forget, check that guarantee before a visit!

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