Hydraulic Suction Pads connected to Cranes

Glass is fragile and their transportation, handling and offloading from vehicles needs great care. During construction activities, glass of unknown quality gets wasted through accidental breakages. This is one of the main challenges during construction of tall buildings which involves longer transportation of glass. Manual handling of glass is tiresome and is more prone to glass breakage and injuries in case of glass shattering.

Window Maintenance Services limited uses a hydraulic suction pump connected to a crane for glass window and wall fitting purposes. They can be used to lift other materials such as metal sheets and curtain walling. Fitting of glass walls is quite demanding. Hence the crane helps in the lifting of glasses from their storage point to where they are required without any breakages. It also has an extra extension which holds the glass firmly in position while it gets fitted on the wall and window frame.

Hydraulic suction pads are of different types. Some are single pad, double pad, and multiplepads or even combined. The glazier is housed in a small compartment where he is able to fit the glass with minimal problems.

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