Laminated Glass Windows London

Laminated Glass Windows London

- Window which are laminated provide the only thing a traditional glass window lacks, safety and security. With increased threats for common Londoners, you should install laminated glass in London, for your home and office alike. When Window Maintenance does this for your windows, you get the benefits of utmost professionalism and expert craftsmanship as well, giving you the best solution against multiple threats.

Laminated glass windows consist one or more layers of glasses ‘glued’ together with plastic glazing sheet, generally polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Not only the glass becomes strong and withstand much stronger shocks, the pieces hold together, in case of the glass getting shattered.

Another advantage of laminated glass windows is the filter of UV rays by the PVB which stops almost 99% UV rays from entering inside.

Window Maintenance is one of the oldest agencies installing laminated glass in London. Not only it has made us the most experienced but it has taught us trade secrets which many of our competitors don't know of! We are equally efficient in installing different types of laminated glass windows, including

Manual attack resistant laminated glass

Very efficient in stopping attacks on your windows with a crowbar, axe, pickaxe and more. It will withhold for a sufficient time to allow a chance to safety.

Bullet-resistant laminated glass

Window Maintenance can also fix you Bullet resistant laminated glass windows which can stop firearms attack.

Blast-resistant laminated glass

A primordial necessity these days, blast resistance laminated glasses in London keeps your family safe if there are terrorist attacks nearby. The window is strong enough to withhold the intensity of the clast or, at least, glass shards don't shoot inside.

Fire resistant laminated glass

High temperature withstanding PVB layer is used to create these laminated window glasses. These windows can resist fire for a long time and actually can prevent it if the temperature is not extreme.

Solar control laminated glass

Using tinted PVB and/or glasses, Window Maintenance gives you the best sun protection for your home and office. Keep the sun rays out, keep the interior cool and comfortable.

Acoustic laminated glass

Keep the noise out with our special sound reducing laminated glasses in London while keeping the interior safe and secure as well.

If you are looking for a permanent solution for your doors and windows, contact Window Maintenance, the leading installation and repair agency for laminated glasses in London. Within your budget, we will get you perfect result.

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