Securistyle Hinges

During the incidences of fire, itbecomes hard for the people to move out of the building. Under such cases, individuals getstuck in the buildings as they struggle to get out of the building by use of a single exit. Some of the individuals suffer from injuries and other die as a result of fire.

Window Maintenance Services provides securistyle hinges for building to cater for emergency cases in buildings. Hence hinges opens up to 90 degrees making it possible for the individuals to come out of the building through the windows.

Securistyle hinges have a consistent performance due to the presence of die cast support plate which is fitted at the bottom. Securistyle hinges slides easily making it possible for cleaning to be done from the buildings inside. Whenever the windows are open and closed, securistyle hinges resets themselves to the fire escape mode. This increases their efficiency based on performance on the windows.

Whenever the securistyle hinges are damaged, Windows Maintenance Services limited repairs them to ensure effective preparation during emergence cases in buildings. They come with guarantee period which enables the houses owners to get the value for their money. They can also be fitted in side hung windows in the whole buildings.

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