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We Are THE Specialists In Glass Replacement and Glass Window Repair in London

Window Maintenance Services (W.M.S.) Ltd have been specialising in the supply, installation, replacement and glass repairs of all different types of specialised glass for almost 25 years.

Our portfolio also includes comprehensive provision and installation of new double-glazed window projects to any specification along with all double-glazing repairs required.

We are now seen as the toughened glass suppliers of choice in London and the South-East

Before delving into what we offer from a toughened glass point of view, let’s clear up one area that confuses many:

Toughened glass and laminated glass are different!

Many people group toughened glass and laminated glass into the same category. While both have been specially treated and are extremely popular due to their:

  • Strength
  • Safety
  • Thermal attributes
  • Soundproofing abilities
  • Reliability

There are differences. Here’s a brief overview to help you understand both, and why W.M.S. feel perfectly positioned to become your laminated glass and toughened glass suppliers of choice.

Toughened glass:

This is also known as tempered glass. It is produced through the heating of regular glass at a high temperature of 650 degrees C and then rapidly cooled.

The process makes toughened glass units up to 5 times stronger than regular glass and between 400-500% more heat and shock resistant than ordinary glass. The end product greatly improves structural durability, thermal strength, resilience and an ability to withstand heat.

An added benefit is that if damaged, the broken glass will break into small, blunt pieces making it far safer than having to deal with shards from normal glass damage.

Toughened glass replacement London and the South-East:

Any business looking at attention to such things as patio doors or standard window glass replacement in London and the South-East through the installation of toughened glass should not hesitate to contact W.M.S.

Our fully qualified and professional staff are at your service to carry out toughened glass window repair in London and its surrounding areas, or to offer complete toughened window glass replacement in London central and the South-East.

Laminated glass:

From a technical viewpoint laminated glass has the same strength as regular glass but incorporates a plastic interlayer between two 3mm thick panes of glass. This PVB plastic interlayer is an extremely tough resin that will hold shards in place should any damage occur to this type of safe double-layered glazed window design.

Laminated glass replacement London and the South-East:

Once again, W.M.S. are proud to state that our professional team of fully qualified glass technicians are available to assess and advise on any laminated window glass replacement in London projects that you are considering.

Emergency glaziers:

W.M.S. completely understand the need for 24 hours / 7 day a week service for businesses who require glass window repair in London and the South-East.

As such we are available on an emergency call any time day or night in order to protect and secure your business premises through emergency glazing repairs or by replacing windows that have been damaged beyond repair.

W.M.S. - Toughened glass suppliers of choice:

With a prestigious portfolio of satisfied business clients ranging from SME’s to Corporate concerns we feel ideally placed to offer you the correct advice on all aspects of toughened glass installation, replacement and repair.

All of our glass replacement London and the South-East area technicians are experienced and fully qualified. As a company we are proud to be recognised as holding:

Fensa registration, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certification and to be fully recognised as Contractor Plus – Approved Contractor status.

W.M.S. feel strongly that our commitment to offering first class commercial and residential services which are second to none with prices that are fair and include no hidden extras is a major part of our success.

Our portfolio of satisfied customers also includes a long list of repeat customers that have helped establish W.M.S. as the premier glaziers in London and the South-East.

If you would like to understand more about our comprehensive services relating to installation, glass replacement, or glass window repair in London and the South-East, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.

Window Maintenance Services (W.M.S.) Ltd

We Are THE Specialists In Special Glass Supply, Installation, Repair & Replacement

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