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Our Comprehensive Range Of Double-Glazing Services In London

It goes without saying that double-glazing has been an extremely popular type of window installation in homes of all shapes, sizes and designs for well over four decades now.

Thanks to its stylish looks, insulation and energy efficient qualities it is seen as the window type of choice for the vast majority of residential properties.

Since its inception in 1976, Window Maintenance Services (W.M.S.) Ltd have been heavily involved with double-glazing. Through exacting standards of work and excellent customer service we are now established as premium double-glazing installers in London, Essex and surrounding counties.

Professional, fully qualified:

The W.M.S. team of double-glazing technicians in London are all fully qualified installers with long years of experience behind them.

We are proud of the fact that we are recognised as a Contractor Plus – Approved Contractor status company and down the years have acquired industry recognised qualification such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.

We have also achieved FENSA registration. This prestigious status is particularly important for any homeowner considering double-glazing projects in Essex, central London and surrounding areas.

WHY? Because FENSA registration shows the professionalism and quality of work that double-glazing companies must adhere to in order to gain FENSA membership.

One of the major benefits for clients using a FENSA registered company such as W.M.S. is that it allows US to give guarantee certification valid for between 5 and 10 years on all double-glazing work carried out.

Three major strands to our double-glazing services:

W.M.S. cover the whole spectrum of double-glazing services, but to give you an idea of what we offer here is an overview of the 3 most commonly requested projects we deal with on a very regular basis:

  • Double-glazing in Essex, London and surrounding counties which are new installation projects
  • All double-glazing replacement work required. From individual windows through to complete property double-glazing replacement projects
  • Double-glazing repairs in London central and all surrounding areas

New installations – Double-glazing in Essex, London and surrounding areas:

W.M.S. have completed countless projects that involve the supply and fit of new double-glazing installations, in services areas of double glazing repairs Essex and double glazing repairs London.

Whether your home is a new build with double-glazing requirements throughout, an existing home where you require newly installed sealed unit double-glazing, or are having building works such as:

An extension that includes the need for windows, doors and conservatories, new patio doors or a garage conversion requiring the installation of windows and doors, the W.M.S. team of double-glazing installers in London and its surrounding areas can assist.

We are here to listen, advise and complete all double-glazing repairs in Essex and surrounding counties as well as completing new install projects exactly as you require.

What is more; once timescales and price is agreed, we will deliver based on this.

Replacement Work – Double-glazing in Essex, London and surrounding areas:

The team at W.M.S. fully appreciate that costs and set budgets are crucial aspects for homeowners. Our commitment to help you improve the look and value of your home through double-glazing replacement will take such constraints into account.

If your budget does not permit an immediate wholesale replacement of standard glass windows to double-glazed units throughout your property, we will suggest a staged and phased installation to suit your budgetary needs.

The W.M.S. team will advise on which windows should be classed as priority and work with you throughout the life of your project until all work is completed to your satisfaction and available budget.

Repair Work – Double-glazing repairs in Essex, London and surrounding areas:

Well-installed, double-glazing units are quality products. As such they should last a decade and longer. However, older installations or units which have suffered particular wear and tear since installation may not be functioning to the best of their ability, and of course, accidents do happen! This is why our double glazing installers London is needed.

This is where our double-glazing repairs in Essex, London and surrounding areas service comes into its own. So make sure to contact us today about our double glazing repairs Essex, double glazing repairs London and double glazing installers London services, today.

Common issues include seal replacement, condensation issues both on the inside and outside of the window, damaged hinges and handles as well as individual pane damage.

Unlike some double-glazing companies, our double-glazing repairs in London and surrounding areas team will closely inspect the double-glazed section of window in question and give you a professional opinion as to the cause of the problem.

Window repairs, window maintenance and glass maintenance are important factors when it comes to your home. Our double glazing repairs Essex and double glazing repairs London services will help ensure that you are able to keep the windows in your home in the best of conditions.

Rest assured, if our double-glazing repairs in Essex, London and surrounding counties team can fix the problem, it will be repaired. 

We will not urge you to replace units unless they are completely beyond repair.

Once again, this means you are receiving the most appropriate and professional advice from our fully qualified and experienced experts when it comes to double-glazing repairs in Essex, London and all neighbouring counties.

What is agreed is what you will get!

Some glazing Essex and surrounding area companies may agree to whatever you propose in order to secure a contract. W.M.S. will not!

Whether you are looking at new installations of double-glazing in Essex, London or anywhere else in the region, replacement of existing double-glazed units, or are in need of double-glazing repairs in London and surrounding areas the W.M.S. team will enter into professional discussions with you.

By doing so it will allow us to ascertain your exact requirements, advise on any areas of uncertainty, fully explain the project process and agree the most appropriate way forward to get the job done in double glazing Essex.

By doing so you will be safe in the knowledge that what is agreed is what you will get. This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • A team of professional, fully qualified and courteous double-glazing installers in London and the South-East to complete any required work
  • A high standard of double-glazing repairs in London and the South-East for all residential properties
  • Replacement work which will include any double-glazing repairs in London and surrounding areas that will not be bettered
  • Reasonable prices for quality work with no hidden extras or surprises
  • Agreed timescales met
  • Guarantees: This comes in two forms. Industry-recognised guarantees for all work carried out and the M.S. personal guarantee of satisfaction.

Based on the above, we strongly believe that your can confidently choose W.M.S. as your preferred supplier of double-glazing in Essex, London and the South-East of England.

W.M.S. - Your ‘go to’ double-glazing installers in London and the South-East:

With almost a quarter of a century of double-glazing experience, a fully qualified and professional team of installers and a reputation to be envied, W.M.S. strongly believe we can fulfill every double-glazing requirement you have with our services; double glazing installers London and double glazing Essex.

To find out more as to why we believe W.M.S. should be your ‘go to’ double-glazing installers in London and the South-East (double glazing Essex), please contact us for a no obligation discussion using the contact form, via email or give us a call.

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