Double Glazing: The Essential!

In new constructions or renovation double glazing has become the norm and has replaced the single glazing. It is the essential element for good insulation. It is composed of two panes between which an air or krypton blade (gas without colour, odourless, rather expensive) more or less important is injected. It is the quality and importance of this blade that gives the double glazing its performance. The advantages of double glazing are significant. The air or gas trapped between the two panes proves to be an excellent insulator, more condensation or fog on the panes or feeling cold. On the other hand for acoustic insulation it is recommended a double soundproofing. After a while if there need o be repairs then you can easily find companies offering double glazing repairs in London.

The two most common types of double glazing are the 4/16/4 or 4/12/4. The double thermal glazing is a superimposition of 2 plates of glasses of 4 mm each separated by a cushion of air of 16 or 12 mm. The insulation coefficient U makes it possible to appreciate and compare the insulating performances of the glasses. The closer the coefficient is to 0, the more efficient the glazing.

The double soundproofing:

The characteristics and advantages of double glazing are the same as for thermal glazing, only the outer glass is thicker, it goes from 4 to 10 mm and the air blade is 16 to 10 mm. This modification alleviates the noise. The reference of the double glazing is 4/10/10. If you live in a very noisy area, close to a car, road, or airport ... you can opt for double glazing with reinforced insulation.

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