Frameless Glazing Offers An Unobstructed View

Structured frameless glazing cannot be classed as a recent invention, but it is increasingly becoming a preference for those homes and office structures looking to make the most out of an eye-catching design and an unobstructed view.

Why consider frameless glazing?

Any house or office looking to appreciate an unobstructed view of their surroundings whilst inside will find the installation of frameless glazing a perfect answer.

As the term suggests, ‘Frameless Glazing’ installations use as few glazing bars and fixings as is possible in order to give occupants a wide, unobstructed outside view. It also allows excellent natural light into the space surrounded by this type of glazing.

This is a far better option than being in a building with small windows that are often crisscrossed with frames and glazing bars

Not just for conservatories!

While the use of frameless glazing in a conservatory is an excellent example of where exterior viewing benefits can be seen. This type of structure can also be used when building an extension, remodeling a kitchen to install a wall or walls of glass and for interior use it can be installed in a variety of spaces such as in the bathroom as frameless glass shower panels and frameless glass doors that lead to balconies with glazed balustrades.

Strength, safety, security:

Unless you are highly experience in DIY matters or work in the glazing trade it is highly recommended that you use a professional glazing company to complete the installation of any frameless glazing installation.

By using a fully authorized glazing installer you will be assured of the 3 S’s which are crucial to frameless glass installation:

  • Strength: No matter what application you choose for frameless glass it needs to be strong enough to bear the pressure of being a wall, door or screen
  • Safe: The type of glass used must be safe from fracture. This means your frameless glass structure will be either in toughened or laminated glass making it safe for the vast majority of applications.
  • Secure: Along with its strength in terms of damage, any locks or hinges must be of an extremely high security rating.

Sliding glass walls:

It is also possible to install frameless glass doors that act as a sliding glass wall to allow ease of access to your outdoor area. This system of glass doors are continuously supported along the base of the structure and glide past one another as opposed to folding inward.

This option is preferred by many as opposed to having traditional inward/outward opening doors and gives a seamless impression of your interior and exterior.

This not only makes the total space larger it is perfect for those relaxed family gatherings and social get togethers. Inside/Outside – You are all as one!

Add a touch of style to your premises:

There is no doubt whatsoever that frameless glass installations add a touch of style to your home or office space. When used in a conservatory or extension setting they afford an excellent place in which to relax and entertain while admiring an unobstructed view of your surroundings.

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