Go The Safest Way; Go For The Bomb Blast Film!

The bomb blast film reduces the risk of glass shards produced by the bomb blast. Several technologies exist: laminated glass, bomb-screening, blast awnings, etc. The bomb blast film also known as the anti-blast explosion protection film is applied to the inside surface of the glass to retain the glass pieces. Tests have been conducted on explosion-proof films, which have been shown to be effective in reducing the risks associated with blasts. Thanks to its mechanical properties, the bomb blast film provides effective protection of the glass surfaces.

Protection for sensitive buildings: Anti-explosion film and Anti-Explosion

Bombs, industrial explosions, vandalism, in an instant, can propel fragments of glass at deadly speeds. Research on broken glass chips following explosions shows that they are one of the main causes of death or injury resulting from an explosion. Although nothing can completely protect against powerful blasting, the bomb blast has proved its effectiveness in these times of extreme danger.

Anti explosion film explosion proof

When an explosion occurs in an urban environment, the glass shards linked to the blast of the explosion disperse for hundreds of meters in the vicinity. 90% of the injured due to an explosion are as a result of the fragments of glass projected by the blast of the explosion. The injuries caused by these real sharp projectiles thrown at very high speed cause serious trauma and bodily harm. The bomb blast film allows reinforcing the glazing by keeping the pieces of glass on the polyester. The blast effect causes, thanks to the elongation capacities of the polyester, a distortion of the filmed pane which takes up its place while maintaining the assembly of the pieces of glass on the film. Thanks to the internal installation of the bomb blast film, maximum and optimal protection of the glass surfaces is obtained and effective protection of the exposed persons.

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