How to Ensure Your Windows Remain in Good Health

Just like any other element in your home, proper maintenance is crucial. For your windows to retain their sparkle, you must have a care regiment that works. This is the only sure way to keep them in good health. Windows should first and foremost stay clean. Dirt and other debris may accumulate compromising the look, feel and function of your windows.

To keep windows in top shape, you should go beyond cleaning on a regular basis. This article breaks it all down for you. Following these steps will promote the health of your windows; this means improved functionality, appearance and durability.

Cleaning windows regularly is imperative

Windows with vinyl and aluminum frames will need to be washed with a mild detergent and water. If you have a scrubbing brush that is soft, this will give better results. A glass cleaner goes a long way in improving the look and health of your windows. If you have wooden windows, a damp cloth will do. However, always be very careful not to use too much water on wood; this can promote rot. Dust and other accumulated debris can be removed this way. Every week, do a quick cleaning so that you keep windows looking fresh and healthy. In fact, with clean windows, the air quality of your home will be better.

Seasonal window inspection is pivotal

To determine the health of your windows, you have to inspect them. It is best to inspect windows every season. This is because elements can have various effects on windows and parts therein. When inspecting, look at all the parts. Start with the frames and sash. Look for any gaps between the window casing and wall. Consider all the metal components and see how well they function. Try to open and close the window to see whether there is a cause for worry. Also, consider the painted parts and whether the paint is peeling off. This is a common consequence of sun exposure. Through inspection, you are able to take necessary action that will promote the health of your windows.

Always fix damaged parts promptly

After inspection, you may discover cracks, holes, splinters among others. All the damaged parts must be fixed with urgency. Leaving the problem will only make it worse. Sometimes, you may discover rot in wood and to this end, you must scoop out the bad part so that it does not infect other parts. Fill the holes with a suitable agent and make sure you put in several layers for better results. For a cleaner finish, add some primer and then paint the area. If you are dealing with broken glass, the best way to fix it is through replacement. Broken glass can be a hazard and will affect the temperature in your home; causing higher energy bills. Therefore, fixing the problem as soon as possible is key.

Repaint your window frames

Once in three or four years, consider repainting your window frames. This paint will not just boost the aesthetic appeal; it will also help reduce the impact by elements. When repainting, do it carefully so that you avoid moving parts. With all the above pointers, your windows should stay in excellent health for a long time.

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