Where To Repair Broken Windows

Excuse the pun, but broken windows can be a real pain, or to be more precise a real pane!

Enough frivolity, the importance of repairing broken windows correctly should not be underestimated. Failure to do so can have knock-on effects in terms of such things as rain damage, broken windows can be a temptation to burglars, and depending on how badly the window is damaged it could be potentially dangerous.

Window repair is one of those jobs that should not be put off or forgotten, and the sooner your problems are resolved, the better.

Why good window repair is so important:

Unless you, a member of the family or a friend are experienced in repairing or replacing windows this is one job that really is best left to those who are qualified.

Two major reasons that professionally finished window repair is a must are that poorly fitted windows will not work as they should and a badly fitted window installation can stand out like a sore thumb which will obviously affect the overall appearance of your home or office.

The other factor is that poorly fitted windows can create significant air leakage that will guarantee an increase in future heating bills.

Things to consider:

When looking where to repair broken windows and where to source a reputable window installer, you should start by considering what independent certification they have.

If they are registered with FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment scheme) this is a very positive start. FENSA registration allows those companies registered to self-certify that any installation they undertake complies with current Building Regulations.

It should be noted that compliance with these building regulations is mandatory. Many people do not realise that replacement windows also need to meet other legislative requirements that include:

  • Safety
  • Air supply
  • Means of escape
  • Ventilation

Any company that is FENSA registered will ensure all of these requirements are met. As proof of this you will receive a FENSA certificate upon completion of work. This confirms that the installation complies with Building Regulations. You would be wise to keep this certificate safe for future use or to show prospective buyers if selling your property.

Other certification that will prove the company place great emphasis on Quality Management systems and Environmental Management Systems are ISO9001 and ISO14001 respectively.

Ask for references:

Any window installation company worth their salt will be only too pleased to provide you with references from previous work. If none are forthcoming you would be wise to look elsewhere.

Ask for a written quotation:

Before committing to a contract, you should ask for a written quotation with the agreed work detailed. This description of work should include approximate start dates bearing in mind that certain types of window may have delivery lead times, an indication of how long the work will take and any other relevant points raised during your initial contact and the subsequent survey the company will carry out.

A quality company will repair and install quality windows:

There are many reasons that your premises should have all windows installed correctly. If any are damaged do not delay your investigations in terms of where to repair broken windows.

By following the above recommendations, you can expect quality workmanship and perfectly fitted windows.

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