The Right Questions To Ask When Buying Double Glazing

Taking the decision to have double glazing installed throughout your home is not one that should be taken lightly. We will look at why this home improvement is so advantageous as well as why research and choice are something to be considered very carefully.

The questions to ask when buying double glazing should receive clear, informative answers from competent and fully certified window fitting companies as this will make your final decision a lot easier to make.

Three major benefits of double glazing:

Apart from new extentions to your home such as a patio, extra bedroom or garage the cost of having double glazing installed is one of the more expensive home improvements many households will face. This makes it important to appreciate why you are undertaking such a project.

Here are three of the many benefits that persuade home owners they are making the right decision for the costs involved:

Improved security:

Quality double glazing with effective locks will greatly improve security. This gives all household members that extra peace of mind.

Energy cost savings:

Well installed double glazing should be expected to keep the heat in and the cold out. As well as making the property more comfortable in terms of temperature you should expect a reduction in heating bills.

Add value to the property:

Double glazing that complements the style of your property and has been installed to a high standard will add value to the property. This means that although it involves an initial financial outlay it should be viewed as a future investment.

Making the right decision:

There will be many factors involved in which company you choose for the project, and the style of double glazing you settle on. This makes research an important first step. Extensive information is available on the internet and getting a basic understanding will certainly help your cause. Read up on such things as:

Key questions to ask:

Armed with this knowledge you should contact a selection of local companies and establish at least 3 that have showrooms. Arrange to visit each and make notes on answers given to questions asked. These questions should include:

  • The type and quality of the windows offered. Including type of glass options and colour of frame choices
  • Installation procedures – What is the process from initial survey through to completion of the project with estimated timescales
  • Length of industry experience
  • References in terms of previous installations
  • Qualifications/length of experience of staff who will carry out the installation
  • What type of documentation will be received in terms of quotation and guarantees
  • What industry certification the company holds – i.e. Are they FENSA registered
  • Payment options offered


The more boxes you can tick on the questions to ask when buying double glazing, the easier it will be to make an informed decision.

One very important factor to take into account is total cost. While you should be looking at value for money it is important that you do not go for the cheapest option based solely on costs involved. Weigh-up what you are getting for what it is costing you. By doing so, cost will be a very important factor, but it will not be the only one. is renowned for providing the best quality double glazing throughout London and the South East. If you would like to receive a quote or just have some questions answered by one of our friendly advisers, please contact us today! 

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