What Are Sash And Case Windows

What are sash and case windows? Let’s take a look at a window style that has stood the test of time and remains an ever-popular choice for those looking to either renovate their existing home or those intent on building a new one based on traditional architecture.

Tradition and history:

Sash windows have a rich history and have been an integral part of homes since being introduced in England during the 17th century.

They were the window of choice for properties built during the Georgian, Regency or Victorian period. Anyone renovating such a property or building a new house in one of these gracious styles will want to include them during construction.


The term “Sash window” refers to either one or more movable panels. These panels are known as sashes and they form the frame holding glass panes. It is common design feature for these panes, which are known in the industry as “lights”, to be separated by glazing bars. These are moulded strips of wood.

The term “sash and case” derives from the fact that weights used to open and close the window come concealed in a boxed case.

Repair before replacement should be a priority:

It is a sad fact that many homes with original sash and case windows have been deemed to be beyond repair and replaced with windows that do not do full justice to a property.

In the vast majority of cases the original wooden case can be repaired to a pristine condition. This is because the types of wood used lasts for centuries.

Major advantages of retaining or including this type of window are the fact that they are far more aesthetically pleasing, and they last far longer than modern uPVC designs.

Any refurbishment work required should be placed in the hands of experts who are qualified and experienced. This work includes such things as:

  • Timber repairs: New timber sections can be pieced in with detailed mouldings that match the original design.
  • Sill replacement: The sills of these windows can be replaced and include new pulley’s as well as outer linings. Whenever possible this replacement should be a priority rather than having a new box frame installed.
  • Locks and catches: To meet insurance policy requirements experts can fit various types of locks and traditional centre catches. Not only will this comply with insurance company demands, it offers a pleasing addition to these stylish windows.
  • Additional work: Those seeking sash window double glazing during repair or renovation can rest assured this can be achieved. It is also possible to renew the cord and bead element. Anyone against having such windows double glazed can also request expert draught sealing that has proven to be highly effective.

While this work may initially be more expensive than installing a new type of window it will prove its worth in terms of enhancing a home, maintaining its original features, and ultimately adding to the value of the property in the event of a future sale.

What are sash and case windows?

In closing, those with a property that includes sash and case windows should be fully aware that such a feature adds to the quality and style of their home, and is something to be rightly proud of.


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