Self-Cleaning Glass Is No Longer The Impossible Dream

Today’s generation and those to follow now have the solution to a mundane but very necessary household chore; window cleaning.

It will save them a fair amount of time and considerable effort because revolutionary developments in the world of glazing mean that self-cleaning glass is no longer the impossible dream.

A technology that has confounded doubters:

The thought of glass that cleans itself has been the wish of countless homeowners across many decades. Such a concept was one that many would have gladly embraced but reality told them that such a development was unlikely to ever materialise.

Many years of serious research and development has finally resulted in turning this unbelievable dream into an ingenious reality. A range of self-cleaning windows are now available for installation and use in residential and commercial buildings.

This revolutionary advance in glass production utilises an organic process which allows dirt to be broken down by daylight and then washed away by rain.

A friendly solution:

Pilkington are one of the world leaders in the glazing industry. Their continuous innovation once again shines through thanks to a range of self-cleaning windows that are both environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.

This product range combines self-cleaning and solar control properties that will appeal to a wide audience. In terms of perfect glass solutions this is surely the ultimate choice.

Easing elbow-grease:

Window cleaning products and solutions have certainly improved over time and there are now some very reliable solutions available.

The problem is that no matter how effective these products are, the cleaning process for anyone wishing to maintain a constant and consistent appearance in terms of clean, sparkling windows which are aesthetically pleasing and give a sense of pride is still very time-consuming and requires considerable effort in terms of elbow-grease.

A cleaning process at the double:

Self-cleaning glass employs a unique dual-action process thanks to a microscopic coating which is applied during the manufacturing process.

  • Stage 1 – “Photocatalytic”: The first stage of the self-cleaning process occurs because the coating reacts with daylight. This reaction breaks down organic dirt.
  • Stage 2 – “Hydrophilic”: The second stage of this unique process changes the effect of rainwater hitting glass. When rainwater hits ‘normal’ glass it forms droplets, but when hitting self-cleaning glass, it spreads evenly and runs off in a “sheet” that takes the pre-loosened dirt with it. To complement this cleaning process the glass also dries quickly ensuring no visible streaks are left behind.

Accelerate home refurbishment plans:

Those householders who have delayed home improvement plans such as installing skylights or adding a new conservatory can rest at ease. Many hesitate and put-off such projects due to the significant increase in time and effort involved in keeping the large volume of new glass in pristine condition.

By selecting self-cleaning glass that works with natures forces you can confidently press the ‘all-systems-go’ button on your new project. The result will be clean glass throughout and minimal manual intervention

Now that self-cleaning glass is no longer the impossible dream you owe it to yourself and your property to take advantage of an amazing technology, one that proves even the unlikeliest dreams can become reality.

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