Texture Glass Will Add Style To Your Home

There is no doubt whatsoever that texture glass will add style to your home.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of this type of window pane and door panel decor and why it can add a quality touch of class to your abode.

Where should you install texture glass panes?

There is a wide range of choices and options when it comes to placement of texture glass panes.

Due to advances in production and design you can place them almost anywhere. Having said that, they are most often used inside the home in areas such as hallways, foyers, kitchens and bathrooms.

Those with conservatories can use texture glass on internal doorways between the conservatory and other rooms for internal privacy, and some find part-paneled, external-facing doors suit their decorative requirements.


Texture glass is so designed to reduce transparency. This obviously increases privacy. Anyone wishing to increase the visually attractive ambience of their indoors while increasing privacy requirements will achieve this through the use of textured glass décor.

Enhanced light:

Rather than having solid interior doors or interior walls without ‘window’ space, the use of textured glass can enhance the light into these areas. Natural or artificial light will be allowed in while the necessary obscuration is retained.

An important consideration here is that if you prefer more light to pass through your chosen textured glass, make sure the designs chosen are subtle and in lighter colours.


Forget any thoughts that textured glass installations are limited to only a few areas of your home. Constant developments in this type of decorative glass mean they can be used in many different window types. This includes awnings to casement as well as indoor and wall panels

Ambient appeal:

The careful use of texture glass will certainly add to the ambience and attractiveness of your home. By choosing quality textured glass it will enhance the decorative scheme you have decided upon and can be the focus of certain rooms in the house.

Textured glass is also ideal for stairway supports, wall panels and glass floors. Before deciding on what is best for the individual design of your home you need to do some research. Take time to look at portfolios and previously completed projects from a professional window and door company to help with your decision.

Equally, if you have your own design or requirements in mind, take time out to explain and discuss this with professional installers. They will be ready and able to give you their expert opinion on these ideas.

Don’t overdo it!

We have mentioned 4 of the main advantages offered from texture glass installation. These should certainly be seen as valid considerations for those looking to add that extra touch of style to their home, but over usage must be avoided.

An example of this is:

Used as an accent piece the added decoration and attraction of texture glass will add style to your home and will be there for all to see, but if you were to outfit an entire room with texture glass there is a very good chance that this would look garish rather than elegant.

Careful thought, research and discussions with a professional glass installation company is certainly the way to avoid this.

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