Two Great Advantages of Roller Shutters

We install roller shutters in Essex and neighbouring areas and we often recommend these shutters to our customers. Among others, these shutters have two great features.

Weather protection

Roller shutters protect the interiors from natural calamities. When there is a hail, closing the shutters will protect the inside glasses from any debris, dirt or broken branches from the trees. During a storm, these shutters will not rattle. During winters, these shutters will keep the cold air out and during the summer, they will keep the hot air out. Not only it will keep the inside more comfortable but it will also lead to significantly less energy consumption. These shutters offer great protection from the elements of weather like rain, storms, hails and strong winds around the year.

Protection from the sun

Many house owners prefer blinds and curtains to block the sunlight from entering inside. They believe that these blinds or curtains can prevent the heat from entering the inside, during summer. However, that is not a very effective process as when the glass becomes hot, they pass the heat to to the curtains and blinds which, consequently, heats up the interior. However, a foam filled roller shutter can stop seventy percent heat from entering the inside and sixty percent heat from escaping the interior during summer and winter respectively. Once you have these shutters installed, they will not allow the sun to hit the glasses directly. The glasses will be exposed to a minimal heat and in return, the interior will remain cooler.

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