UPVC Window Maintenance Tips

Discover the Best Tips for Maintaining UPVC Windows


Knowing how to maintain your UPVC windows the right way is key. You will not only have better looking windows but their lifespan will extend. To keep your home sparkling, cleaning is the first thing to do as part of your window care regime. The frames and the glass attract a lot of dirt and grime on a regular basis.

The following tips show you how to do it effectively. Also, there are some additional maintenance tips that are important; if you are to keep your window moving parts in the best shape possible.

Clean the frames of your UPVC windows twice a year

By now, you must have noticed that the more you clean your window frames, the easier it becomes to clean them. This is because dirt and grime can accumulate and make your work harder. A regular cleaning will however break the grime and prevent further bonding of the dirt; making cleaning the frames much easier.

How to clean your window frames

The first thing is to open your windows. This will help you reach the frames effectively. Also, the dirt will also fall in the right area. The next step is to use a brush to loosen the debris therein. Dirt, dust and even cobwebs should be removed this way. Then, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to clean further. After you have cleared most of the dirt, mix some mild cleaning liquid into a bowl of warm water. This liquid should be mild to avoid abrasion. Take a white cloth that is soft and use it to clean the frames. The reason for using a white cloth is to avoid the dye that might discolor your frame. Colored cloths may emit dye making your cleaning work harder. Also, make sure that rough-textured cloths are not used. Your frames are delicate and can be ruined easily.

How to clean the glass

You can clean your glass at least four to eight times a year. It is always wise to avoid cleaning the glass in direct sunlight to avoid a messy finish. A damp cloth can be used to clean any visible dirt and to make work easier. Once you are done, there are two main methods to clean your glass as highlighted below;

Using a specialist cloth

Specialist glass cleaning cloths are becoming popular in society. A good example is the e-cloth. This is a pack that comes in two cloths. One is for cleaning and the other is for drying the glass. They usually have excellent results.

Using a glass cleaner

This is the more traditional way of cleaning glass. There are many options in the market. Choose a non-smear kind that is of high quality. Then, use it as directed and use a quality cloth to clean and polish for the perfect finish. Some people prefer making their own glass cleaner at home. A rule of thumb is to make something that will not damage the UPVC.

Moving parts

Use some spray oil to maintain the moving parts of your window. They include handles, hinges and locking systems. You should do this every six months to make sure that all parts are working optimally. Just make sure that the spray oil does not get onto the glass.

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