Using Window Film for Security or Energy Efficiency

A popular addition to window fitting and maintenance is the use of window film. More commonly people are asking about the benefits of using window film and how it helps to reduce central heating bills as well as keep rooms cool during the summer months.

There are three main types of window film available and all serve their own purpose.

Decorative Window Film

This is the thinnest of all the window films available. The idea behind this film is to reflect or even absorb a minimal amount of heat. However, the main reason people use this type of film is because it is attractive and offers privacy. Decorative window film is the cheapest out of all three films mentioned here and as it comes with patterns it is also used often.

You will find that decorative window film comes with a few options to choose from:

  • Stripes
  • Stained glass motifs
  • Opaque frost designs

Solar Window Film

If your aim is to improve the energy efficiency of your home, then solar window film is a great option. It is thicker than decorative film, so it is much better at reflecting and/or absorbing UV rays. You will find that many of the solar window films are designed to both reflect and absorb UV rays, but you should always inquire to make sure you understand what you are getting for your money.

The UV ray features of solar window film will help to regulate the indoor temperature which means the room will stay cool on hot days and warm on cold days.

 Other advantages include:

  • Reduces glare
  • Helps to prevent furniture from fading
  • Increases indoor comfort
  • Energy savings benefits

Security Window Film

Security film is not often used on home and more on commercial properties that need security from intruders or for homes and other properties that need storm protection. This is the thickest of all the window films we have covered in this guide. It is worth noting that this type of film is not good for UV ray protection as it does not or reflect heat.

Security wise the film is thick enough to prevent people from seeing what is behind the window but you will need a special kind of film for this added feature. It also adds reinforcement so if thieves try to smash the window, it makes it much harder for them to get through it due to its shatter-resistant properties.

From a storm damage prevention point of view, the film helps to prevent the window from shattering if struck by flying objects due to severe storm or even from birds flying into the window. In effect, if the window cracks the pressure will be confined to the area of the crack and you will not have glass shattered across the floor and the window will stay in place.

It means you have time to repair the crack rather than having a shattered window that needs immediate attention.

Main advantages to this type of window film include:

  • Tinted options that provide privacy
  • Prevents thieves from breaking the window
  • Makes the window shatterproof
  • Gives you more time to organise glass replacement

If you are looking for window film or to maintain your windows in general, check out our window maintenance services here today!

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