Window Maintenance Best Tips

Maintaining windows is paramount for both residential properties and commercial ones. This way, you are able to extend the life of the window; saving money in the long run. In addition, windows are kept looking clean and fresh. This also adds to the hygiene of your space by removing hazards like mold and dirt.

Wear and tear is also checked so that relevant parts can be replaced without spending too much money. There are many other benefits of regular window maintenance. The following information shows you how to best maintain your windows.

Regular cleaning

Cleaning should be done on a regular basis. Clean every window depending on the type. All wooden windows should be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove the accumulated dirt and dust. Make sure not to use excess water to discourage the formation of mold and to deter rotting. The glass should also be wiped carefully with a mild cleaning agent. In most cases, water and a cloth will be enough to maintain a clean wooden window. Windows that have vinyl and aluminum frames should be cleaned using a scrubbing brush. Mild detergent will also give better results. Glass cleaners are specially made to leave your windows sparkling. When cleaning, make sure to cover the entire window and the adjacent sides. This promotes thorough cleaning.

Sealing off gaps

This is the process of covering all the holes or gaps in your window. These gaps may form when the sealants come lose. A sealing agent should be used accordingly. If the gaps are left as they are, the energy efficiency of your home will be greatly compromised. Loss of warm air will see your cost of energy go up. Also, you want to keep any water at bay. When it is hot, your home or space may be excessively hot; and this are the downsides of not sealing window gaps regularly. To seal the windows effectively, you can use new rubber seals, spray form insulation or caulk.

Inspecting windows regularly

Checking your windows regularly is a very important process of maintenance. However, you must know what to look for. First, you should look for any sign of lose sealant and broken parts. Also, you should check your window frames for any rot. You can do this using a metal probe. Inspect every element including the frame and the sash. If you find any gaps, make sure to seal the off accordingly. If there is a sign of worn out paint, you can repaint. When some metal parts are not working, make sure to replace them.

Prompt repair of broken parts

When you find that there are parts of the window that need to be fixed, you should do it promptly. This part of window maintenance is critical to enjoying functional windows. If you ignore damaged parts, the problem can only get worse. When you repair all the necessary components, opening and shutting your windows should not be hard at all. Also, your windows will look visibly better after regular maintenance. Putting together a window-care routine is the best place to start. Make sure to follow through and this will promote both functionality and durability of your windows.


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