New Doors and Replacement Doors

Here at W.M.S. our residential doors are snug fitting, draught free and beautifully finished to our own very high standard. Matching the door to your home is never a problem with our wide range of door styles. Which ever style of door you choose, we can offer a wide range of glazing and solid panel options. You can choose brilliant white, golden oak or mahogany wood grain effect finish. As well as looking good, our doors are well constructed to give years and years of pleasure and always look as good as new. Made from tough, durable PVC-U the doors never need painting and are virtually maintenance free. All they need is an occasional wipe over. With investment in new technology our doors combine excellent thermal and acoustic qualities as well as the all important security. Even fully glazed styles are fitted with toughened double glazing and all doors are supplied with high security locks as standard.

Door Repairs

Replacement Patio Door Lock
Patio Door Locks
These are normally activated by pushing a button or lever down then dead locking with a key. Often levers can snap or lock fail due to wear or miss use. These come in many types and in most cases can be replaced.
Patio Door Handles With Locks
Patio Door Tracks
Often the track the patio doors run on wears out causing difficulty to close. There are many different types of tracks which are available.
Replacement Door Keys
Broken Glass
Doors are normally fitted with safety glass which can get damaged due flying stones from lawn mowers or grass strimmers. These often shatter or chip glass. These broken or damaged sealed units can be replaced by removing damaged glass and fitting new glass.
patio door lock
Broken Door Locks
Door locks come in many types and sizes, most of the modern locks have multipoint locking, and when lock fails in most cases a full replacement is required.
patio door handle
Broken Door Handles
There are many different handles on doors which often break or malfunction due to wear and tear. These are ready available to be replaced.
patio handles with locks
Door Adjustments
Often doors are difficult to close or lock, catching at top or bottom of frame, let in drafts, in most of these cases adjustments is required to rectify these faults.
door keys
Replacement Door Keys
If keys are lost or stolen a main door barrel will have to be fitted and new set of keys supplied.