Curtain Walling London

Curtain Walling London

- Are you going to build? Do you have a renovation project to which you want to give an ultra-contemporary dimension? Give in to the tendency of the curtain wall, and offer a box of glass and light to your building. During the architectural design, the aesthetics of the façade is paramount: it gives the perception of the house. It defines its identity. In recent years, the tendency towards transparency, elegance and lightness has been confirmed thanks to "aluminium-glass" systems, which have inter alia broken thermal bridges, insulating glazing and ventilation.

A specialist in glass, Window Maintenance offers cutting-edge, innovative and sustainable technical solutions; we offer great architectural freedom without sacrificing anything to the regulatory requirements as proven by our glass curtain wall systems.

Glass Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain walling in London by Window Maintenance makes it possible to truly "draw" a façade of glass with almost imperceptible structure. The glazing is securely fastened with pressure plates that offer maximum transparency. From the outside the frame is almost invisible. From the inside, the view is totally panoramic, without any visual obstacle. The result is breathtaking and sophisticated.

Glass curtain wall systems are a lightweight façade wall which ensures closure but does not contribute to the stability of the building. It is characterized as follows:

  • It is fixed on the external face of the supporting structure of the building (or skeleton).
  • Its own weight and wind pressure are transmitted to the framework through fasteners.
  • It is made up of elements connected together by joints. A continuous wall surface is thus produced, as large as desired.
It differs from the facade panel that is used to fill the voids left by the frame. In the Glass curtain wall systems, the framework is hidden behind the wall; it does not intervene to compose the facade. Although it does not carry the building, this light facade must fulfil all the other functions of an exterior wall, namely:

  • Thermally insulating,
  • Ensure or prohibit the vapour barrier,
  • Isolate phonically,
  • Resist fire,
  • Resist external conditions, including climate, chemical agents, vibrations, shocks, etc.

There are some typical problems which are associated with the glass curtain wall systems but Window Maintenance is always on top of any problems. Some of the most common issues which we solve are the misting up of the double glazed units or the breaking of the glass. We also repair fading panels or discoloured ones. Got perished gaskets which may cause leaks? WMS can solve it all.

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