Bomb Blast Protection

Bomb Blast Film

With London being targeted by the terrorists frequently and increasingly, it is time to secure your home and office alike. Use bomb blast protection on your windows and doors to make the interior safer during a terror attack nearby. Window Maintenance is an expert installer of bomb blast films on glass doors and windows and we will secure your interior like none else.

Bomb blast films are made of heavy and durable yet flexible plastic-like sheets which are glued on the window screens. During a blast nearby, the bomb blast protection films hold the shards together and doesn't let them fly inside. This also means nothing flies inside, including the blast shocks, keeping your family as safe as possible.

Bomb Blast Protection

While installing these glazings on the exterior windows and doors is a must, Window Maintenance also strongly recommends you to apply these internal partitions and doors. Sometimes, the tremor and shock of the blast nearby can shake the building and cause internal glasses to shatter. WMS makes ample use of glazing anchoring system to ensure maximum performance of the bomb blast films which we install.

Window Maintenance has a long history of installing bomb blast films on London homes and offices. Using the highest grade films which doesn't give up during a blast, expert craftsmanship to install the films on the trickiest windows and doors and a cost which everybody can bear, we have made life secure for thousands of Londoners. We have specially trained experts who knows every secret of the trade and the equipments to install the most modern bomb blast protection films on your doors and windows.

WMS respond to emergency and often work during odd hours to your satisfaction. We leave no trace behind and our bomb blast films don't ruin the look of your windows either.

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