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The London Sash Window Company

Sash windows have been providing quality and style to properties throughout the country since their introduction late in the 17th century. There is no doubting that they are seen as an inherent part of Britain’s architectural history.

Window Maintenance Services (W.M.S.) Ltd may not have been around that long, but since company inception in 1996 we have grown our reputation into a London sash window company to be envied.

The full range of sash window services offered:

Our experienced and fully qualified team of sash window experts are here to give you exactly the service you require because we fully understand the true value of sash windows.

We major in:

  • Traditional sash windows restoration work in London and the surrounding counties
  • Sash window replacement
  • Sash window refurbishment, London post code districts and beyond
  • The installation of double-glazed sash windows for new and refurbished properties
  • Complete and partial sash window repairs London central and surrounding areas. This includes sash window sill, broken sash cords and staff bead repair and/or replacement
  • Fitting of modern design sash window double glazed units
  • Specialists in the repair and restoration of wooden sash windows
  • The installation and repair of casement windows

The types of properties we specialise in:

W.M.S. are your specialist London sash window company. Our services extend throughout the capital and all surrounding counties.

Any type of property that incorporates sash windows can be professionally attended to. This includes properties from the Georgian, Regency and Victorian eras that are synonymous with this style of window.

Some of the most common styles of sash windows the team at W.M.S. are asked to attend to include the Victorian one over one, the Victorian two over two, and the Georgian six over six sash window styles.

We are also requested on a very regular basis to install double glazed sash windows into new build properties that incorporate any of the styles mentioned above.

Why you need a specialist London sash window company:

Original sash windows installed in period properties are unique. This is because they were not made to any standard size. Each window is bespoke.

When looking for a company to address your sash window refurbishment London needs this means you need a bespoke, specialist sash window company.

W.M.S. are that company. With almost a quarter of a century of sash window repairs in London and the South-East behind us we feel confident that any sash window restoration in London and the surrounding counties can be achieved.

We are committed to completing all necessary sash window work to the very highest standards. Once completed, your sash windows will look exactly as they should.

Are you aware of the different types of sash windows?

The term ‘sash window’ is a general one. This is where many homeowners (and non-qualified window repair companies) misunderstand the need for the highest expertise when it comes to sash window restoration in London and across the South-East.

Here’s a brief overview to help you understand the type of sash window installed in your property, and where sash window repairs in London properties most often need attention.

  • Box sash windows: The majority of traditional box sash windows work through a combination of cords and weights. Due to wear and tear down the years it is often the cords that are the main focus for our sash window repairs in London homes.
  • Spiral sash windows: This type of window has two tubes containing spiral rods. The rods need turning in order to tension the balance on each sash frame which run vertically up to the top of the window. The restoration of spiral sash windows often means attention is required to the spiral rods.
  • Bay sash windows: Without a doubt, bay windows add beauty and style to a period property. However, as they consist of 3 sash windows that sit at a 35-45 degree angle the potential for repair and sash window refurbishment in London homes is potentially trebled!

The professional and highly experienced W.M.S. sash window team will take the whole condition into account to ensure all bay sash window work required is completed.

  • Single hung/Double hung sash windows: Our sash window repairs in London homes regularly find us working on single and double hung sash windows.

With double hung sash windows, both sashes operate by sliding vertically whereas with single hung windows only the bottom sash slides upward. The most common problems we find with this type of sash window refurbishment in London and the South-East are broken sash cords.

  • Frames: It would be remiss of us not to mention original sash window frames. Our work on sash window restoration in London and the South-East often involves frame restoration of various measures. When considering the age of some of these frame installations it is only natural that they need refurbishing or replacing.

W.M.S. are experts in this type of work and guarantee to complete all restoration or refurbishing work to such a standard that these frames will look exactly as they should.

Why choose W.M.S. as your London sash window company of choice?

There is no denying that there are many businesses that claim to offer professional sash window services in London and the surrounding boroughs, but how many have qualifications and extensive experience to back up such claims?

The team at W.M.S. have been in business since 1996 and sport an extensive portfolio of satisfied customers. We have achieved this status through professionalism and dedication to our client base by delivering exactly what is required for sash window work of every kind.

To reinforce why we believe W.M.S. should be your ‘go to’ sash window company of choice please see the professional certification we have worked hard to achieve and constantly maintain. This includes:

Fensa registration, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification


We are fully recognized Contractor Plus – Approved Contractor Status

When looking at firms to carry out sash window work, we would strongly recommend you check their credentials to ensure they match the above certification. You should also ascertain their depth of experience when it comes to the complexities that sash window restoration in London homes can bring.

A firm belief in our ability to deliver:

The quality of our work when it comes to sash window restoration in London and surrounding counties is of the highest order. All of our sash window refurbishment London team are fully qualified, courteous and highly knowledgeable.

Couple this with prices that are fair and fixed along with robust guarantees and you will understand why W.M.S. believe we should be your London sash window company of choice.


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