New Windows and Replacement Windows

Choosing new or replacement windows gives you the customer an ideal opportunity to enhance or alter the character of your entire home. Our range of 70 mm fully welded internally glazed windows and doors will blow a breath of fresh air through your home with a complete range of window styles. With traditional side and top hung casements as well as tilt and turn options and a choice of plain glass Leaded lights or Georgian Bars you can create the effect you're looking for. Whichever style you choose, it can be tailored to suit your home exactly. All our products are double glazed with Pilkington "K" sealed units to eliminate cold and draughts and are all available in brilliant white golden oak or mahogany effect. or perhaps a combination of the two. Naturally replacing your windows will add value as well as style to your Home, and you needn't worry about costly maintenance or repairs all our products come complete with an unconditional 10 year Guarantee. Security isn't a problem either with internal glazing and multi point shoot bolt locking to give you complete peace of mind.

Window Repairs

misted window replacement
Broken Hinges
These are known as friction stays which are fitted to the sides, bottom and top of opening window. When they fail, the window does not close properly.
replace window hinges
Misted Glass
This is where water has penetrated the glass sealed unit causing it to mist up and show condensation on the inside. Sometimes the inside turns white and shows unsightly water stains/marks.
repair misted windows
Broken Locks
This is when the locking mechanism fails, causing the window to be unable to lock or unlock.
window glass replacement london
Broken Handles
This is where the handle back has broken away from the main body that is screwed to the frame or the inner spindle has broken causing the handle to spin or fall off.
window safety restrictors
Window Adjustments
If a window is not closing properly, either catching, or rubbing, this can cause damage to frame, locks and handles. This should be rectified by re-glazing and packing the glass correctly.
window keys
Window Keys
There is large number of different types of keys for locking handles, many of these are available.
rubber seal
Rubber Seals
These are black (sometimes white), which are seem round the perimeter of the glass on the inside and outside of the window. These sometimes perish or shrink and should be replaced to avoid drafts and water penetration.
window restrictors
Window Restrictors
These are fitted to windows to restrict the amount it will open, usually above ground level to avoid persons falling out. These restrictors come in many different styles and can be fitted to most types of windows.
trickle vents
Trickle Vents
These are fitted to create a flow of air to ventilate without having to open a window. These can be fitted into frame or glass.
extra security
Extra Security
When you feel your windows are not secure enough, different types of locks and anti bandit type security devices can be fitted.