Go The Economical Way By Refurbishing Existing Windows!

Homeowners are gradually being more aware that they can save big on home renovations by refurbishing instead of completely replace an entire component of the house. In this blog we are going to focus mainly on the refurbishments of windows and how to give it a beauty lift.

The first step is to do a thorough inspection of all your windows and note down any repairs which needs to be done in categories of either replacement of components or repainting jobs. After the inspection you will need to bring back the operational and performance aspect of your windows.

Wooden windows – for those, you will need a carpenter for the repairs or replacing certain components. For the finish, you can use paint or varnish. The most popular though is cladding the frames and slashes in PVC or aluminium. It is more popular because you will not be bothered with their finish again. The PVC/Aluminium overlay will prevent wear and tear by weather but make timely inspection to see whether the wood beneath the surface is in good condition.

Window panes – insulation is very important in UK’s weather so make sure you redo the total insulation of the windows. While you are there make sure you use glazing refurbishments for the window panes since this will considerably cut down energy costs. It has been proven that a well glazed window pane allow less UV rays from entering the room preventing your furniture from fading and also helps in maintaining a good temperature inside the room which in turn will reduce energy costs.

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