Replacing Old Exterior Facing Doors Will Give Your Home Fresh Appeal

It can be quite easy to overlook the condition of your property’s exterior facing doors. After all, you are using these entrances to get in and out of various parts of the house. There are far more cosy areas inside.

Take a step outside!

When you have a relaxed hour or so take a walk around the outside of your property and check each of the exterior doors to see what condition they are in. You should also include any outbuildings in this inspection.

By doing so you can full assess the state of each. The front door will in all likelihood be your focus of attention, but don’t neglect others.

You should look at the general condition of the door itself, the frame, any panels, hinges and glass panes. Also look for gaps at the top, bottom and sides and how easily access is gained. i.e. is the door opening freely or is it ’scraping’.

The other thing to consider is just how secure each door really is. It is all well and good having a secure front and back door, but if there is access via a side entrance door that is easily achieved then you are simply asking for trouble.

Benefits aplenty:

When you do decide to replace exterior doors, it is recommended you go to an approved, established door installation company for advice and installation assistance.

The benefits to be seen by such a decision will save any misguided DIY attempts and in many cases a lot of frustration!

Here are 3 major benefits of new exterior door installation:

Aesthetically pleasing

While the ultimate choice is obviously yours, you will be guided by your chosen door installation company to choose doors that harmonize with the house architecture. You will be surprised at the wide and varied choice of design and colour schemes available and will certainly find doors to suit your preference.

Safety & Security:

New exterior doors are generally far more secure than older varieties. Good quality doors are often reinforced and offer secure bolt-locking options as well as wide-angle peepholes. Such security features make any attempts at forced entry far more difficult. In essence, when you install new exterior doors, you are upgrading your home security system.

Increased insulation:

Many types of new exterior doors come with insulation properties. This means they will hold heat in during winter months and keep heat out during summer months.

A long-lasting solution:

For the initial investment of new door purchase and professional installation you are making a sound investment.

Replacing old exterior doors with new ones will ensure you have a far more durable solution. Your property will be far more aesthetically pleasing and this sound investment will certainly add value to your home.

Two additional homeowner benefits that should not be forgotten: You will be comfortable in the knowledge that security is increased and benefit from better insulation.

This means that with correct care, attention and regular maintenance checks you will see any investment returned over the long term.

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