What Roller Shutters Can Do For Your Business

Roller shutters really are the way to go for many businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages you will get from having these installed on your premises.

What type of premises are they suitable for?

This is a great advantage of roller shutters. They are ideally suited to most commercial operations but are particularly popular for:

  • Shop fronts
  • Industrial units
  • Warehouse units
  • Factories

Flexibility in terms of size:

You do not have to worry about this solution being a ‘one-fits-all’ proposition.

Industrial roller shutters can be designed to your exact measurement specifications and there is a choice of styles to choose from.

Not only will these flexible shutters fit snugly into your required space, they will work efficiently time and time again.

Flexibility in terms of material:

There is a good choice of material used for roller shutter construction. Those who wish to go for a heavier option can choose steel. Those looking for a lighter, cheaper option without compromising on security can opt for aluminium.

These shutters can also be soundproofed, fireproofed and are highly effective when it comes to temperature control.

You can also look at warranties and regular maintenance cover that ensure your roller shutters are kept in the best condition and working order.

Maximise space:

For many businesses, square footage is highly important. Making the most of your available interior space makes real sense.

By their very nature, roller shutters take up minimal space. Through their installation you are able to make use of areas that have previously been classed as ‘dead’ space. An example here is behind door openings.

Ease of opening:

The choice is yours. You can either go for manual opening or electronic. The latter is obviously easier, but it is more expensive. Having said this, manual opening and closing of well-installed roller shutters is ease itself.

Advertise your business even when you are closed!

While it is true that most businesses install plain roller shutters, it should be remembered that you can pay for roller shutter livery.

The choice of embossing is wide and offers huge potential advertising advantage.

By taking this step it means that even when your business is closed you are displaying details of exactly what your business is all about and what you have to offer.

Some businesses may even wish to display emergency phone numbers if they are in a service related/24/7 business sector.

This type of advertising information can be highly effective in terms of passers by noting your business, your services and your opening hours.


We have left the most important benefit until last, but we feel it is the biggest reason for any business to have roller shutters installed.

There is no doubt whatsoever that well-installed roller shutters are excellent security features. They are robust, long lasting and will go a long way to preventing break-ins.

On this point, not only are you protecting your business equipment and stock, the installation of roller shutters is also viewed very positively by insurance companies.

This should mean a reduction on your annual business premise insurance cover.

Roller shutters really do make sense!

When you combine the above benefits with the long-lasting service you will receive from well-installed roller shutters it really does make sense to have them installed.

You are ramping up security, making your business premises far more attractive and ultimately achieving a peace-of-mind when your premises are unoccupied.

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