Work From Home But Not In It! – Why Garden Offices Are The Ideal Solution

Working from home either on a part or full-time basis is now a widely accepted practice and the sure signs are that this trend will continue to increase.

However, many of those who do work from home are still using a spare room, lounge area or a rarely used part of their property as their home ‘office’.

These spaces can be far from inspiring, prone to distractions and do not really offer the ideal working environment.

Solution – Build a garden office:

Anyone looking for a bright space in which to work from home should seriously consider a garden office.

Through the installation of glass walls that come in single or double glazing, perhaps a glass skylight, a choice of doors that slide or swing open and window and door locks that offer excellent security you will be creating the ideal working environment.

Take advice from a window and door specialist company:

By consulting with a professional, experienced door and window installation company before the construction of your garden office begins is recommended.

By doing so it will help you understand how to maximise natural light benefits and what windows and door solutions are right for you.

Working from home affords many benefits:

The benefits of working from home are many and varied. Flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle, no more commuting, no more squashed train or bus journeys, and you will quickly forget those tiresome daily traffic jams to and from your place of work.

It really is easy to see why working from home is not only good for the individual, it is good for the environment.

But, as we touched on, simply working from a space in your house is not always the best approach.

As well as the above-mentioned benefits, here are 3 major reasons for building a garden office that offers natural light galore through the installation of windows and doors to suit.

A garden office helps separate work and social life:

If you are working from inside your home it is very easy to either be distracted by other events in the house (or chores you keep meaning to do!) or to go the other way and work compulsively with hours that are far too long.

A purpose-built office in the garden will help solve both of these problems. Once you ‘leave’ your home and are in your garden office you will be able to fully concentrate on work matters. This should make you far more productive.

When it is time for a break or to finish for the day you can leave your work responsibilities behind and head into the comfort of your home.

It shows a professional approach to your business:

Another thing to consider for those who work from home concerns meetings or client visits. Having a separate office is far more professional than entertaining colleagues or clients in your house.

Seen as a formal yet relaxed space in which to conduct such meetings, the privacy, comfort and professionalism of your business from a well-constructed garden office will certainly shine through.

A garden office should also be viewed as an investment:

A well-designed and professionally built garden office that offers good natural light should be viewed as an investment.

Not only will it help separate your working and social life, it will give real value add to your property should you ever decide to move home.

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